Young menstruators generally get their first period anywhere between the ages of 9 and 16. As a lot of people will recall, the first period can be a huge source of stress. The cramps and discomfort, the potential leaks, changing your protection at school and the unknown embarrassment of it all. Not to mention trying to sift through all of the protection options available on the market to find the right one for you.

At Rosaseven we want to take the taboo and the stress out of periods entirely for everyone, including teen periods.



Teenagers have enough to worry about without the added hormonal and menstrual stress that comes around periods. From getting their first period, to navigating carrying protection on the right days & changing pads at school, along with the fun hormonal changes that come with it.

Rosaseven period underwear are perfect for teens as they are so simple. You put them on in the morning as you would with everyday underwear, wear them all day, and the swap them out before bed for a fresh pair.  Then just rinse them and put them in the wash.

The moisture wicking and naturally breathable benefits of the TENCEL Lyocell fabric make them even better for an entire day at school & even gym classes, keeping the intimate area fresh and dry.

No more worrying about the potential leaks, stains or carrying around the tampons and pads in your school bag.

It couldn’t be easier. Wear a light pair on the days you’re expecting your period, so you’re not caught off guard and then you’re set through your cycle with the different styles & flows with Rosaseven Lingerie. You’ll barely even notice you’re on your period.



We are all working towards the day that periods are no longer something to feel ashamed of, and the day that periods are considered a normal bodily function that happens to approx. 52% of the world’s population.

Parents and carers play an important role in period education and understanding, to make the menstruating teenagers feel at ease, comfortable and unashamed of their periods. Other children & educators at school also have a big role to play in not exaggerating any taboos or embarrassment around periods, hormones & menstruation. Educating young boys accurately and fully on periods is a key part of reducing embarrassment & teasing directed at young menstruators.

Conversations can feel awkward, however it can be best to explain periods as if there were nothing more natural, because guess what? There isn’t. 



Environmentally friendly & sustainable swaps are even more important than ever, especially for younger generations. Commercial disposable tampons & pads are full of plastics, chemicals and single use wrappers, all of which go straight to landfills and waste streams, they then do not decompose for about 500 years.
Rosaseven period undies are an amazing zero-waste alternative. The TENCEL Lyocell fibres are derived from sustainably sourced trees & produced in a sustainable closed loop water system without any harmful chemicals, then combined with Organic cotton. They’re completely free of chemicals keeping anything nasty and harmful away from your most intimate area.

In addition, being washable & reusable time & time again drastically reduces the number of disposable products going to landfills & waste streams



As well as using Rosaseven Lingerie reusable period underwear for teenagers, there are also some other ways you can make the period process a little easier and more manageable for them.

At the beginning, normal cycle lengths in teenagers can be anything from 21-45 days; a period can last anything from 2-7 days and may fluctuate each period. It's common, especially in the first 2 years after a girl starts getting her period, to skip periods or to have irregular periods. Illness, rapid weight change, or stress can also make things more unpredictable. That's because the part of the brain that regulates periods is influenced by events like these.

Learning to track their cycle on a calendar or a smartphone app can help to learn the ebbs and flows of a cycle and can begin to predict when their periods may be coming, taking some of the stress and worry out of periods and any unpredictability around them.

Talking about periods before they start is important and can also take any guess work out of it, making sure they know what a period is and how often periods come. How much blood and fluid will come out and how many days the bleeding is likely to last. Explaining whether periods hurt and why they hurt can also be reassuring when they start. By having open communication with young menstruators, the taboo and shame is lessened and over time we can continue to normalize menstruation even more.

Wearing light flow period underwear in those days just before the period is expected can help to also ease any stress of being prepared or being caught off-guard if it comes early.



All of the Rosaseven period underwear styles are great for teenagers, from light, moderate, heavy & overnight flow levels. The styles are soft and comfortable, breathable to keep their intimate areas fresh and dry, feeling nice and discreet, instead of wearing pads that feel bulky, ‘sweaty’ and must be changed regularly.

Our favourites for teens are the BRIGITTE bikini style in moderate, YVONNE high-rise style in heavy and the COLETTE cheeky style in light, and the YVONETTE high-rise for the overnight peace of mind.









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