Changing The Way We Consume


The industry of ‘disposable’ and ‘immediate’ wants us to believe that it is cheap to buy single-use products.
It is not.

Since the 1950’s companies have marketed and shaped our purchasing decisions around the concept that disposable, single-use products are cheap and convenient.
They are not.

Often mass and overproduced, they sit in our landfills and require us to keep re-purchasing products over and over again. It might be a good profit model, but we will be feeling the detrimental impacts for generations to come.

We should all purchase products based on how many uses we get. 
Indeed, it is all about the price of usage vs the price of purchase.
A t-shirt bought for $7 and worn 1 time = $7 per usage
A t-shirt bought for $45 but worn 30 times = $1.5 per usage 

Rosaseven products have a 5 to 7-year life span (like most lingerie) 
if cared for and washed properly.

We believe in slow fashion, which aims to reduce textile waste clogging our landfills through slower production (better waste management), small-batch collections and zero-waste designs. Fast fashion is responsible for 10% of annual global carbon emissions, more than all international flights and maritime shipping combined.  


As a brand, we believe one of our roles is to educate and support necessary change in the period industry.
We aim to help people relearn how to consume: Better. Slower.
We hope people will relearn how to wait, and how to be patient.   


All of our products are cut and made in small quantities by a local manufacturer in Vancouver, BC.
We produce in small batches to avoid overstocking and having excess products we do this to ensure quality and to reduce and manage waste.
We're also minimizing transportation costs by producing locally.

Plan for your period and order today.


Wear your clothes often :
Buy what you need.
Buy timeless colours & styles.
Select clothes you can wear with different things and that make you feel like you are wearing something different each time.
Buy clothes that can be mixed and matched throughout your wardrobe.
Keep your clothes for a long time : 
Choose the right fabrics.
Support reliable brands.
Respect the care label.
Take care of your clothes.
Fix and repair them.