How to start? Our recommendation

Not sure how or where to start? 
For optimal rotations between washes and hang drying within one period cycle, we recommend to have a start up set of 3 to 5 pairs of period underwear. 
Here are 5 different personas that describe different profiles to help you select what you need. Please understand each person is different so this is only intended to be a guide.


MEET AURORE, moderate flow mother.  
Murielle is 40 years old. She has 2 young kids & she is running her own business so she is pretty active all day. Since she gave birth, she is not really into using a cup & tampons anymore. She has been willing to try period underwear for while now. Her period lasts between 3-5 days. She has a moderate flow.
     1 Giselle thong in light flow for the spotting days
     2 Colette the cheeky in moderate flow to wear on its own
     1 Yvonne high rise in heavy flow & 1 Yvonne overnight for sleeping
     1 Josephine bodysuit in moderate as she loves the idea


MEET GERALDINE, expecting.
Geraldine is 35 years old. She is pregnant and is beginning to feel that it is getting harder and harder to hold her bladder for a long time. Also, she would love to not have to use big pads for successive days during her postpartum
To start wearing during her pregnancy:
     1 Giselle thong in light flow
     1 Colette the cheeky in moderate flow
For her postpartum:
     2 Yvonette high rise in postpartum
     1 Marie-Therese night outfit


MEET MATHILDE, young teenager. 
Mathilde is 13 years old. She just started having her period. She is a bit unsure about what's going on with her body. Her mum told her she can wear a pad or period underwear. She feels better with the idea of underwear. She doesn't know much about her flow yet 
      1 Yvonette high rise in light
      1 Yvonette high rise in moderate
      1 Yvonette high rise in heavy


MEET PAULINE, active & outgoing with heavy flow. 
Pauline is 25 years old. She is an active girl. She never really knows when her period shows up. She likes to wear a cup, and she feels more comfortable doing so while she exercises, especially as her flow is pretty heavy the first 2 days. But during the night, she prefers a pad, as she is conscious about the TSS(*) risk although she really doesn't like the feeling of a pad. She keeps on staining her underwear during her spotting days but also sometimes while wearing a cup. 
For the nights (on its own) : 
      1 Marie-Therese night outfit
      1 Yvonette high rise in overnight 
For the spotting days & in addition to her cup :
      2 Giselle thong in light flow
      1 Colette the cheeky in light flow


MEET EUGENIE, athletic with bladder leakage. 
EUGENIE is 38 years old. She loves cross fit and for a few months now, she feels bladder leakage during high-impact exercises. She doesn't feel like wearing a pad for this, but it is annoying to feel her underwear wet. She is not a thong person, especially when she exercises. 
      2 Colette the cheeky in moderate flow



If you need more personal advice, please reach out to us
We would be happy to help. 


(*)TSS : Toxic Shock Syndrome