How to wash period underwear?

How to wash period underwear

We advise you to wash the products before using them to optimise the absorbency

Recommended Washing Protocol :

1. After each use, rinse your underwear under cold water until the water runs clear (panties can then wait for your next load of laundry).

Machine wash on a delicate, cold-wash cycle.
Blood contains protein, and proteins react to heat by binding together, so hot or even warm water can cause any of the blood sediments to be harder to wash free from the fabrics causing remaining build-ups and decreasing their effectiveness on your next cycle. Some more delicate fabrics are also much better with cold water washes as heat can also damage the fibres.

3. Do not use any softener or bleach.
Using a fabric softener on your period panties inhibits their ability to absorb by coating all of the tiny absorbent fibres in the softener residue that’s left behind, making them less effective over time.
Refrain from using any type of bleach or bleach-content product, washing sodas or white vinegar. Again, these just aren’t necessary and will damage the products.

4. Avoid using laundry detergent with glycerin as an ingredient.
 We can often find them in the more "au natural" laundry, they are good for the body but effectively fatty acids and components, which are incredibly difficult to rinse off and will clog the absorbent fibres over time.

5. Do not - absolutely not - tumble dry: it will damage the absorption fabrics & the TENCEL™. Instead hang-to-dry.
By putting your period panties in the dryer you are exposing the delicate fibres to too high a temperature and they can burn too easily.

6.  Once your underwear is nice and dry, fold them up and they will be ready to be used again many times!

TIP: wash them in our delicate wash bag SHOP HERE, it will protect your underwear in the washer and also isolate them from the rest of the load so that they don't end up by mistake in the dryer!

Wash bag

Detergents without Glycerin: 
Natural detergents :
ECOS Liquid Laundry, Eco-Max, Nature Clean, Himalayan Soapnuts, Aspen Clean
Traditional detergents
Tide, Purex, Ivory
The ingredient glycerin can be listed as :
Glycerin, Glycereth cocoate, Glyceryl Cocoate, Vegetable Glycerin, Glycerin Pharmaceutical Grade

Read our article - here - and learn more on how to wash them, why they need special care and what not to do with your period underwear!