Period Underwear


We know it is the best solution for your period! 
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Lingerie that are both Leak-Proof and Absorbent

Period Underwear

    Did you know it takes 500 years for a disposable pad or tampon to decompose?

    Our climate is changing faster than ever before and we must act now as consumers in order to save our planet.

    It's time to start using period underwear!

    Rosaseven period lingerie are better for your body and our planet.
    Made in Canada by women, we use only organic fabrics.

    Our sustainable leak-proof underwear is chemical-free, machine-washable, and can be worn as a backup (night or day) or as a full replacement of disposable pads.

    Compared to the cost of buying disposable pads & tampons, period underwear costs 6 times less over the course of a lifetime (based on buying 3 pairs of period underwear every 7 years);

    Very absorbent, comfortable, sustainable & feminine, browse our selection of period lingerie below: