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COLETTE cheeky period underwear

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Colette is our cheeky style period underwear available in light or moderate absorbency.

Flow Protection: 
Light = 5ml = 1 tampon worth of fluid
Moderate = 10ml = 2 tampons worth of fluid

Made For: Wearing when you're expecting your period, your medium flow days or back up to a cup or tampon on very heavy days. Also great for sleeping in on lighter nights. 
Also great for everyday vaginal discharge or light bladder leakage (while coughing or sneezing!)

Feels Like: Your favourite super comfy bum-hugging cheeky. Made to look good & feel good!

Famous for: The amazing fit! (That doesn't ride up your bum!)

Our tip: Having a pee in nature when you ski, bike or hike? It's perfect for those couple of drops at the end!

Your Impact: Made from natural sustainable fibres & reducing the amount of tampons or panty liners on their way to landfill! 

Made in: Vancouver, Canada

Colette is made with a wonderfully soft TENCEL‚ĄĘ Lyocell and organic cotton blend stretch fabric. Along with beautiful, delicate recycled nylon lace panels and a soft stretchy fabric band at the waist.

Colette is a great fitting cheeky panty for the daytime on any day of your period. Depending on your flow, you can choose to wear Colette on its own or in addition to your cup or a tampon.

We designed our cheeky style, and made them in a way so that it doesn’t leave a mark on your bum, and can be worn along with all of your favourite pants, whilst still hugging you enough for the optimum protection.

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Size Guide:

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Flow Chart:

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