Delicates wash bag front open
Delicates wash bag front closing
Delicates wash bag front closed
Delicates wash bag front with period underwear
Delicates wash bag in washing machine

Delicates wash bag

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Washing your period panties just got even easier!

This zip-close mesh wash bag will keep your Rosaseven panties separated from the rest of your wash load so that you can hang them to dry quicker and easier once they’re washed and they don't end up by accident in the dryer!
It will also help to keep them safe and protected from the potential abrasion from the inside of the washing machine, prolonging their feminine & super soft details for many more period & wash cycles to come. 

Just pop them in the bag, zip it closed, add them to the machine along with the rest of your load, put the machine on a cold water delicate cycle & you are all set to wash away!

And guess what? Our mesh wash bags are uniquely made from a source of deadstock fabrics and trims. Deadstock fabrics are materials that have been made, but not used, for an existing fashion or manufacturing company. Instead of them being sent to landfill or incineration, they are collected by a local social enterprise and sold on to be used and given a new life. 

Both the fabrics and the zip have been diverted from landfill and repurposed into your new Rosaseven wash bag. 

Made in: Vancouver, Canada

For more information on our deadstock & fabric recycling please email us at

Our delicates wash bag can easily hold up to 5 underwear pieces.

30cm x 37cm - 12inches x 14.5inches
Coil zip closure
100% Polyester