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Period underwear is still a relatively new phenomenon, some people can’t remember the days before they made the switch, and to some people it’s an entirely new concept, and to be honest, a little daunting. Trusting in a product to protect you from a still very taboo natural bodily function women have, is a daunting thought. So, what is it? How does it work? And what are the many benefits of making the switch to period underwear?   WHAT IS PERIOD UNDERWEAR? Period underwear is underwear, with built in period absorbent protection. The built-in additional fabric in the gusset of the underwear absorbs the period flow and wicks away the moisture to keep the wearer dry and comfortable, and with...

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   In recent years menstrual period protection has made some vast improvements, especially in the light of the environmental impact of disposable chemically produced protection. We have also begun to work on the taboo around periods, period protection and period shaming. Improved products have been developed in the market, reusable period underwear, reusable tampon applicators and period cups. However you may have also heard of free bleeding. And if you have, you may have some questions on the subject. What exactly is free bleeding? Should you be doing it? Where did it stem from? These are all valid questions, so, here’s what we can tell you about it.     WHAT IS FREE BLEEDING?   Free bleeding is, technically, as...

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We have come a long way in our menstrual protection, understanding our bodies and working with our periods instead of against them. However one thing that we cannot work with or take lightly is Toxic Shock Syndrome. Not just found in women, men and children are also technically liable to develop the disease as it can happen in any area of the body, if bacteria enter the blood stream. Nevertheless, as menstruating women, we are more susceptible to it due to use of tampon & cup intra vaginal menstrual protection and contraceptive diaphragm or cap. As with so many things, knowledge and awareness are key to avoiding or quickly responding to early symptoms as this is one infection where time...

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It’s a known fact that periods affect every menstruator differently and can equally be affected by other additional external factors like stressors or circumstances. Sleeping is one of the most important things our bodies do every day, so when your sleep is disturbed this can affect your whole body, mentally and physically. 7/10 menstruators experience a change in their sleep patterns through their menstrual cycle, especially difficulty sleeping in the 3-6 days before their period begins. This is unfortunately inevitable due to the changes your body is going through at this point in your cycle. Four hormones are the cause of this process, oestrogen, follicle stimulating hormone, progesterone and luteinizing hormone. Each of their levels drop just before the start...

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