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Menstruation, a biological necessity for a woman’s healthy reproductive system, has been a stigma & taboo subject for centuries, leading to women using unsanitary menstrual products or even leading to girls missing or dropping out of school, women missing work, and a shroud of stigma continually surrounds periods. We have all come up with an alternative name for our periods, Aunt flow, the crimson wave, time of the month, to name only a few, we’ve all mutedly whispered ‘period’ during a conversation with a close friend, or quietly asked a close co-worker if they have a tampon as your period arrived early. We have all felt the stigma and taboo of periods, let alone the taboo of talking about them....

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White is often the most avoided of colours when on our periods. The taboo of wearing white jeans, skirts, and even our bed sheets are often something that we want to keep white and are notorious for getting ruined due to a leak or a drip or one tiny dot to make them less than desirable to wear; so we just don’t wear them when we’re menstruating, or at least not until you’re over halfway through. And yet, some of our top international female athletes around the world are forced within uniform regulations and rulings to wear white, no matter the time of the month, and be expected to still focus solely on the game in hand!   WEARING WHITE...

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Period underwear is still a relatively new phenomenon, some people can’t remember the days before they made the switch, and to some people it’s an entirely new concept, and to be honest, a little daunting. Trusting in a product to protect you from a still very taboo natural bodily function women have, is a daunting thought. So, what is it? How does it work? And what are the many benefits of making the switch to period underwear?   WHAT IS PERIOD UNDERWEAR? Period underwear is underwear, with built in period absorbent protection. The built-in additional fabric in the gusset of the underwear absorbs the period flow and wicks away the moisture to keep the wearer dry and comfortable, and with...

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What's coming out of your body is a pretty good indicator of what's happening inside your body. Vaginal discharge is a normal bodily function that keeps the natural ecosystem of the vagina healthy and functioning. The colours and consistencies of our vaginal discharge can be key indicators of your vaginal health. While most changes are normal, others can signify anything from bacteria, an STD or whether you just need to drink more water. WHAT IS THE COLOUR OF MY VAGINAL DISCHARGE TELLING ME? So, we’ll start with the colours it can be, and what they can indicate in terms of your health, diet and time of your cycle:  CLEAR Most ordinary healthy vaginal discharge is clear or whitish. It may be slippery...

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Bladder Leakage Taboo

There are still some functions and natural occurrences in our bodies that carry a taboo. We are beginning to talk more openly and comfortably about certain things and especially natural bodily functions, however, some of them we still cloak in embarrassment and pretend aren’t happening to us and don’t end up talking about the issue, or the shame that surrounds it, and this is the case with bladder leakage. This cloud of taboo embarrassment can also then cause many conditions of bladder leakage to go undiagnosed a lot longer than they need to. Bladder leakage affects 1 in 4 women! Yes, 1 in 4. And it affects twice as many women as men! It’s time we started deciphering the condition...

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