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Menstruation, a biological necessity for a woman’s healthy reproductive system, has been a stigma & taboo subject for centuries, leading to women using unsanitary menstrual products or even leading to girls missing or dropping out of school, women missing work, and a shroud of stigma continually surrounds periods. We have all come up with an alternative name for our periods, Aunt flow, the crimson wave, time of the month, to name only a few, we’ve all mutedly whispered ‘period’ during a conversation with a close friend, or quietly asked a close co-worker if they have a tampon as your period arrived early. We have all felt the stigma and taboo of periods, let alone the taboo of talking about them....

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Have you ever noticed small patches in your underwear have changed colour, or bleached slightly like this? Has this ever worried you or freaked you out?   Simply put, this is called bleaching, and it's completely normal. In fact, if you noticed discoloured patches on your panties and thought something was wrong with you, then you can relax because it is actually a good sign. A bleached patch in your underwear means that your vagina is healthy. A healthy vagina has a natural pH value between 3.5 and 4.5, which means it is largely acidic, especially if your vagina is lower on the acidity scale, the acidity can then bleach natural fibres over time being exposed to the vaginal discharge....

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