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Physiology of the Menstrual Cycle: Understanding the Root of Hormonal Imbalances Written by: Dr. Lauren Goss, ND

As a naturopathic doctor, one of our main guiding principles is doctor as teacher. I truly believe the more we know about our bodies and understand our physiology, the more we can work with and celebrate bodily changes, rather than being constantly disappointed. As cycling people, our bodies are always in hormonal flux. It’s not just the monthly cycle, but the daily, weekly and larger transitional changes. Expecting ourselves to think, perform, look and feel the same every day is only setting us up for a lifetime of frustration and discomfort. It is always my goal with patients to inform and encourage a relationship, with our bodies and hormones, that allows us to be compassionate, understanding, and caring. Physiological hormonal...

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  Ever feel like your hormones have all of the control? It’s not just your imagination -crying one minute, ecstatic the next, even sometimes off-the-walls horny. We women can sometimes be combinations of ever-rotating energy, hormones and emotions, and we may well have our menstrual cycle to thank. Despite it occurring on repeat every month, we can still feel out of control of our own bodies and minds. We still have a long way to go to understand exactly how our menstrual cycles affect our overall wellbeing, but lately, experts have been taking what we do know and using that information to our advantage. From this research it seems cycle syncing could have some answers.   The idea behind cycle syncing is...

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