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Hormone Q&A With Carly – Hormone Holistic Nutritionist

We sat down with Carly from @thecyclicbody_ a Hormone Holistic Nutritionist, to ask her some questions & better understand our hormones and what can help some of the symptoms and side effects during our cycles.  Firstly, we asked Carly about our famous Period headaches. Why do we get period headaches? What can we do to reduce and ease period headaches?    Cyclic headaches can be tricky. They’re so often in our luteal phase, during the time before our period or during the first day or two of our bleeds. More often these are actually associated with oestrogen dominance. In our cycles we have two of our main hormones, oestrogen & progesterone, they are both beautiful hormones but if they are not in...

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WHATS GOING ON DURING YOUR PERIOD?  During our period we all experience very different symptoms and feelings. Some people barely notice anything, while some suffer more heavily and can struggle to get out of bed or function to their normal ability. When our bodies are cramping and our emotions are out of sync it can be hard to find the time and effort to cook a real meal or to even have the appetite for one, and yet we don’t always connect the two. We can actually eat specific things that can alleviate certain symptoms, replenish nutrients we are missing, and support our busy bodies through their monthly flow. So if we can muster the will to be coaxed from our cosy blanket...

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