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Period cramps are often a very unwelcome marker of each month. Some of us get off relatively lightly with the odd twinge or a general ache in our lower abdomen, and some of us suffer heavily, cramping from morning until night for 5 days + and being bound to the sofa, bed or somewhere in between. The severity of our own period cramps can be dependent on a few different factors, but unfortunately there isn’t much we can do to stop them. However, there are a few things we can do to survive them, & possibly even ease them slightly!    #1 - FOODS & VITAMINS TO HELP EASE PERIOD CRAMPS Eating a healthy diet may be a way to...

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Hormone Q&A With Carly – Hormone Holistic Nutritionist

We sat down with Carly from @thecyclicbody_ a Hormone Holistic Nutritionist, to ask her some questions & better understand our hormones and what can help some of the symptoms and side effects during our cycles.  Firstly, we asked Carly about our famous Period headaches. Why do we get period headaches? What can we do to reduce and ease period headaches?    Cyclic headaches can be tricky. They’re so often in our luteal phase, during the time before our period or during the first day or two of our bleeds. More often these are actually associated with oestrogen dominance. In our cycles we have two of our main hormones, oestrogen & progesterone, they are both beautiful hormones but if they are not in...

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What Causes PMS? (Premenstrual Stress/Syndrome)

Asking the question ‘what is PMS’ is rather futile. Almost all menstruators will have experienced the familiar feelings of PMS in their menstruating life time and have probably also witnessed the same hormonal effects on others close to them. We all know how it feels; we all know what it is for ourselves. The unexplainable rage, the uncontrollable tears, the ability to be wildly irritated and desperate to be loved by the same individual all at the same time are just some of the feelings we can experience. However, we aren’t all completely sure what causes them. Or why some months we are relatively rational, and others we can feel like something that closely resembles a raging mythical creature that...

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