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Hormone Q&A With Carly – Hormone Holistic Nutritionist

We sat down with Carly from @thecyclicbody_ a Hormone Holistic Nutritionist, to ask her some questions & better understand our hormones and what can help some of the symptoms and side effects during our cycles.  Firstly, we asked Carly about our famous Period headaches. Why do we get period headaches? What can we do to reduce and ease period headaches?    Cyclic headaches can be tricky. They’re so often in our luteal phase, during the time before our period or during the first day or two of our bleeds. More often these are actually associated with oestrogen dominance. In our cycles we have two of our main hormones, oestrogen & progesterone, they are both beautiful hormones but if they are not in...

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It’s no secret that our menstrual cycle affects our mood, energy levels, sleep patterns, concentration, and many more unavoidable affects. These can catch us out as our bodies move through the different phases of our monthly cycles, despite happening every month, we can still feel out of control of our own bodies and minds.  The hormones that are in rotation throughout our cycle, despite having negative connotations to ‘feeling hormonal’, can actually be used to our benefit. We can learn to work with our hormones, use them to our advantage, regain control and tip the scales back in our favour.     WHAT ARE THE PHASES OF OUR CYCLES   To some people tracking their cycles is not new information,...

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